Our Philosophy and Vision

To provide the gold standard of quality care in a unique environment while enhancing child development. We promote a caring, inclusive, and stimulating environment that allows children to make choices and explore their own interests while fostering their own creative independence. With a strong focus of children’s ideas, we provide open-ended play to support varying skill levels and abilities. Our staff will provide a supportive and responsive approach while engaging children through meaningful play.

Our Mission

  1.  To promote the wellbeing of children and families in our communities. 
  2.  Provide the best staffing contingent possible through our recruitment and retention policies; employ qualified early learning and child care professionals. 
  3.  Further the professional development and scope of practice of our staff; Embrace our professional code of conduct and emerging best practices in our field. 
  4.  Promote and document children's optimal growth and development. 
  5.  Build rapport with our clients, offering empathetic regard and understanding. 
  6.  Utilize a welcoming approach to our clients and their families, while demonstrating our professionalism and experience; supporting them in their role as the primary care provider. 
  7. Utilize a cultural mosaic approach to embracing the unique cultural diversity that each child may bring with them. 
  8.  Develop goals and objectives to meet the ever-changing needs of our profession. 
  9.  Maintain constructive relationships in our community with other social service agencies and community stakeholders.